Are You Feeding Your Fear of Success By Procrastinating?


When you’re afraid it’s natural to put things off. The fear that you’ll fail or not perform at your best, or that you don’t have enough knowledge to succeed are all ways that fear can show up. How many of those fears ring true for you?

Sure, fear of success can cause you to procrastinate but by doing so you’ve already put yourself in the ‘failure’ column. You’ve identified with your fears and taken on an identity that may become fixed if you don’t take action.

Once you see those fears for what they are, that’s when you can eradicate them with information. You can also start to take actions that will boost your self-confidence and help you meet goal after goal after goal.

Lacking motivation for the task at hand can contribute to procrastination. What you have to do may take a lot of time. You may have to give up some of the things you enjoy. But like everything in life, it’s about priorities. Make sure your priorities are straight and you’re motivation can improve quickly.

Suffering from a lack of motivation isn’t unusual. It happens to everyone. When I feel a lack of motivation to complete a task, there are several steps I take. The first thing I ask myself is if I am tired. Seriously. If I’m feeling over tired, that could be the key for my lack of motivation for a task. Next I’ll check to see if I’m bored with the idea of the task. If it’s boring I’ll acknowledge that fact and that will gets me to take the next step because I know why I don’t want to do, whatever it is. Another thing I’ll ask myself is if the resistance has come up because the goal has changed.

Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your goals and the steps needed to get there. Goals can and should change. Maybe you need to take a completely new path. If you feel you don’t have enough information or feel you don’t have the skills to succeed, you may procrastinate because you don’t want to fail.

Knowledge will get you over that hurdle. Some training in the skills you want to develop will add to your self-confidence level and alleviate the need to procrastinate. Fight fire with fire by learning how to perform tasks well and you won’t be tempted to delay actions. What do you need to learn or re-learn in order to feel confident in your ability to succeed?

Do you realize that you get a payoff for the procrastination because it acts as protection against failure? Although procrastination may prevent you from actual failure, not trying at all will leave you unfulfilled. The point is to have a life that gives you a feeling of fulfillment, right?

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